About Gorilla

Our story

Gorilla Digital came to life in 2013, when whilst hunting for my very own marketing business to assist me in building my business Personally Trained, its own website. I was unable to find anyone who could assist with building my brand, sales, or online presence at an affordable and impactful way.  A friend at the time ended up building me my first site and when he showed me how he did it I thought to myself that I could do this as a side hustle to my other business. So I created “Gorilla Digital“. I started off with just a few clients but quickly realised how much opportunity their was in this space as so many small business owners had been burnt by the all promising and not delivering agencies. Taking my own experience which includes working for some of the biggest brands in Australia and also the world, I found building my business challenging and rewarding. I seem to have always gravitated towards roles/businesses that are about collaboration to achieve a result.

I’ve  had successful sales and marketing career with roles at Optus, Electronic Arts (EA Sports), McAfee, ZoneAlarm and Checkpoint spaning my corportate career.


Andrew has been an asset to Narrabeen Sports High School where his digital marketing and brand strategy has made us the fastest growing public high school in the NSW.