Social Media

How we can help you

Social media is everyone’s first stop when they are starting out with their business, but there is established businesses that are only just joining the social media juggernaut. Social media an be a daunting task for those who don’t know where to go beyond creating a business page and/or a profile on each of the social channels. The number of channels available and their audience can also be a minefield to explore and work out which is right for your business. To be successful on Social Media there is a process that everyone walks through to begin to be successful.

The process for success on socials is based on:

1. People finding your business/brand;

2. Then if your brand resonates with potential customers they begin to follow you;

3. Once following you, potential clients will begin to like your content (consistent posting) if it strikes a chord with them;

4. When customers begin to like your content it starts the process of trust in your content and inturn your business and brand;

5. Once trust is built potential customers will begin to buy from you.

We review where our clients are at in their social media journey, and advise them on the best tactics moving forward. We can create social media strategies, content posting calendars, content (written and video), monthly and quarterly performance reports  as well as managing the day to day workings of the social channels for our clients.


Andrew understands the social media landscape and is ahead of the ever changing world. Not only did our following increase, so did our engagement and inturn sales through our social media. We handed everything over to him and our social media is one less thing we need to worry about. Definitely worth the investment. “