Why outsource your web design and build, and social media management?

Alot of small business customers come to me in a state, some are brand new businesses looking for a helping hand getting themselves online and all things associated with this and some are seasoned businesses who’ve never really put their business online the way it should be done. Funnily enough their journey is pretty similar and the end result should be a strong online presence, a decent social media presence and a strategic plan to continue to move them forward.

For those that are just starting out, having an online presence is where exponential growth can be achieved. Having your brand in front of countless people will not only build your brand awareness it will open your business to markets that were previously not possible. Simply being online though is not enough. Having “just” a website isn’t enough either. For those old enough to remember the movie “Field of Dreams” will get this quote – “If you build it they will come” – sadly isn’t the case when it comes to being online.

What was once a new frontier, is now a crowded space. Every single start up in the world has attempted to take their business online. Some have had outrageous success and some have failed dismally. What was the difference between the two? Well there’s not simple or exact answer to that question, it comes down to a multiple pronged approached to growing their online presence, targeting potential customers through social media and building a community of followers who will proudly support your brand. And believe it or not word of mouth is still as powerful as it once was, its actually magnified now thanks to social media.

For those seasoned businesses who have not quite caught up with the trends of modern day business, being online seems like an unnecessary waste of time. It cost money and time, its a new skill to learn and seems more work than its worth. Unfortunately from my experience for those who try to resist “going online” tend to find the transition very difficult and some times very confronting. They worry about how their customers will react and where or not it will actually make any real benefits to their business. It doesn’t take long though to show the positives that can be achieved by taking your business online and how much more time it can give back to those within the business.

So what does this all have to do with outsourcing your web design and build? Well its pretty simple – if you’re unfamiliar with the online world and social media it can seem daunting expensive and very hard to get a handle on. Understanding how to get your business online and how to build manage and grow your community through social media can for some prove just too hard and for some when they encounter some of the costs, decide that they can get their partner or wife run their social media or one of the young boys who works for them and understands it can do it. Only problem their is, like many things that are done for “love” or “free” is that the job can end up being done poorly. I cant tell you the number of clients who have come to Gorilla for assistance with their social media because the person who was doing it no longer wanted to do it for free or the partner or wife is now working full time and doesn’t have the time energy or inclination. Sound familiar?

When you’re starting out a new business, being online from the beginning is vital in the success of your business. By no means does this mean you need to invest 10s of thousands of dollars ;- you can get online economically and their is a lot that can be done for next to no cost. My advice would be to seek the assistance of an expert in this field and discuss what you’re trying to do and see what you can afford and then maybe develop a plan over the next 12, 24 and 36 months.

If you’re looking to get online maybe have a quick read of one of my posts around the cost of building a website and why it costs what it does. Might help you understand what you’re in for and how you can get online without wasting your time and money.